31 March 2011

fitness test for wellness.

Hi Guys,
looks like mood i nak mengupdate blog semakin berkurangan ye lately ni kwn2..huhu..act,for the past few weeks i've been busy with all the assignments and preparation for presentations..dat's why la i agak menyepi..hee... 

but today juz finished my first presentation in front of the lecture hall..at first,mcm agak cuak la jgk coz the whole my batch should be there in the lecture hall..dalam 170++ students..plus barisan lecturer2 yang mantap..huhu...but then,ramai jgk yg x dtg since they all dah present last week..and lucky me coz we were divided to 2 group..we were in dk7 and the other group was in dk9..dlm lecture hall td maybe ade dlm around 50 students je kot..;)))
boleh x anda nampak kecuakan di muke itu..;D

the rest is history....~but i really333x lega dat it was OVER...;)))
rite now,i am preparing for my next presentation on next monday..but,this time juz kena present dpn pracmate je..:D

next week will be minggu yang agak bz for me..dgn 4 test,1 presentation and 1 kuiz..ohh...btw..one of the 4 test is fitness test..it was under one of my course;co-curriculum..ngee..;))) but then..even that test x memerlukan i untuk bukak buku and lecture note bagai..still it is quite tough..bcoz i am not an athlete..huhu...so,mcm dah boleh expect la kan my level ke'fitness'an tu..naa...~

so,for this 1 week i need to take a balance diet..avoid makanan x berkhasiat(yeke..??)..minum susu before tido every nite..in order to strengthen my tulang..since one of the test is to test kekuatan otot dgn melakukan lompatan..huh..kwn2 sila ringankan bdn anda ketika melompat untuk membuat lompatan terjauh ye..;P and PRACTICE..'practice make perfect' rite..huhu...last nite,i dgn romate i dah stat bt seat up 30x..haha...siap la 6 pack ouh lps sebulan..ngehehehe....

dat's all for today..thank you...~
(ape kejadahnye plak skema ulang ayat mse present td huh..??)

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